Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture



Welcome to my website.

I am a fifth year Architecture student at Carnegie Mellon University.

I aspire to use my passion for design to shape a better future for people and the planet. My experience growing up in a variety of cultural contexts has instilled me with diverse interests in various aspects of culture, nature, technology, and history. I am constantly inspired by the world around me through my interests, which have opened my eyes to realities and possibilities I would otherwise never dreamt of. I aspire to share my interests with others and inspire them in the same way that I have been.

My interests include food, travel, art, performance, photography, nature, history, aviation, astronomy, and more.

By incorporating what I love into my work, and creating spaces focused on exposing and highlighting aspects of commonality, I hope to encourage understanding, promote social and environmental change, and raise the quality of life.

I am currently pursuing opportunities in sustainable architecture, performance space design, and/or hospitality design.