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Aqua Pavilion 1.0

Aqua Pavilion 1.0

Martin Luther King Community Garden, Uptown, Pittsburgh, PA - Fall 2015
In collaboration with Serra Cizmeci, Mounica Guturu, and Hannah Martinez

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The Aqua Pavilion was a charette competition initiated by the organization Grow Pittsburgh. Grow Pittsburgh operates a number of local farming initiatives such as community farms and gardens throughout Pittsburgh in schools and disadvantaged neighbourhoods as a means of educating people about food and self sufficiency.

The Aqua Pavilion competition prompt was to create a rainwater collection pavilion for Grow Pittsburgh’s Martin Luther King Community Garden that could also be used for gatherings and other events at the garden.

In accordance with Grow Pittsburgh’s ethos, construction of the pavilion was theoretically to be carried out by garden members with no prior experience and a limited budget.

This proposal for the Aqua Pavilion celebrates the collection of rainwater by displaying the transfer of water from the roof surface to the cistern by allowing it to drop from one to the other, creating a rain-fountain. The retrieval of water is also celebrated with a hand operated pump bringing water up directly from the cistern.

Costs and construction complexity was reduced by using prefabricated and recycled elements, such as used railroad tracks for structure, and a manufactured PVC roof cover.