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KST Final Exterior Render.jpg

Experimental Media Center

Experimental media Center

East Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA - Spring 2016

KST Final Exterior Render.jpg

The Kelly Strayhorn Theater is a performance space focused primarily on dance in the East Liberty Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It is named for Gene Kelly and Billy Strayhorn, both famous dancers from Pittsburgh. The East Liberty neighborhood has long been one of Pittsburgh’s lowest income neighborhoods. However, recent efforts by the city have led to gentrification and the displacement of lower income families to other areas.

The project prompt for was to create an experimental media center and extension to the Kelly Strayhorn theater, with an additional performance space, and additional studios for dance and experimental media.

In order to accommodate the program, and improve the neighborhood context, this proposal for the Experimental Media Center moves the bulk of the program above or below ground, creating  a public park at ground level, leading up to a public basketball court above the existing theatre. The new performance space is located underneath the public park, and other program elements are elevated above the site in a floating mass designed to reflect and blend in with the sky.

The public park and basketball court are spaces designed to empower the existing community, by creating an accessible space for recreation, but by also providing a place where residents can gather and express themselves through performance, art, or otherwise.

The Experimental Media Center was developed as part of my coursework for the Spring 2016 Studio.

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Materials and Assembly Structure / Enclosure Specifications 1 (clisk to enlarge)

Materials and Assembly Structure / Enclosure Specifications 2 (clisk to enlarge)

Materials and Assembly Code Review

Materials and Assembly Code Review