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Hotel & Marché des Arts

Hôtel / Marché des arts

Quartier des Spectacles, Montréal, Canada - Fall 2018
In collaboration with Mounica Guturu

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Project Program

Project Program

Hotel Views

Timber Structural System

Project Narrative

The market hall and hotel will function as a new hub of culture in Montréal by tying together different defining aspects of the city’s identity, and showcasing its diversity and hospitality.

The project site has a unique location adjacent to the Quartier des Spectacles, Montréal’s central business district, two university campuses, residential areas, and festival streets such as St. Catherine. The market hall will strive to function as the meeting point for all these areas by serving the needs and desires of students, visitors, and residents. The project will be tied in with the adjacent Quartier des Spectacles, and will integrate itself with Montréal’s performing arts, festival, and food culture, serving as a unique meeting point of all three.

Local residents’ and students’ needs will be met with the inclusion of a diversity of food options, including a market hall focusing on the sale of produce. The location of the project between predominantly business and residential areas will help prompt locals to stop and buy food on the way home, or to work. A diversity of food options at a variety of price ranges will ensure that students are able to shop healthily and affordably, while more affluent residents are given access to upmarket products.

Visitors’ experience of Montréal’s food and festival culture will be enabled through the food and market halls which will allow visitors to experience Montréal’s food culture firsthand, as well as through public spaces that tie directly into prominent festival areas such as St. Catherine Street and the Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles. To aid the integration of experience, the hotel lobby and café will form part of the food hall.

Residents, students, and visitors will all be served by the project’s incorporation of versatile public spaces such as the Skypark and Courtyard Plaza. These elements of the program allow the project to tie itself directly into performing arts and festival culture by providing new and unique venues that would draw all audiences. They could also be adapted to serve as more introspective spaces, or event spaces for use by visitors or locals.

The hotel will aim to tie itself into Montréal’s identity by providing a unique experience of the city, centering on views. By angling itself to face important areas of the city such as the river harbor and Mont Royal, the hotel provides an overview of the city that would allow guests to understand the totality of the city in a different way. The hotel room provides an experience of the city that is different than the typical street level tourist experience.

The various elements of the program will be differentiated and united by the material palette. Wood will serve to connect elements of the program associated with food. Metal will be used to highlight performing arts and festival programs. The hotel will integrate the use of these materials as a symbolic union of the different aspects of Montréal’s culture and identity, as it creates views overlooking the entire city.

Sectional Perspective

Sectional Perspective