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Theatrical Lighting Design

Theatrical Lighting Design


In the Spring of 2017, I took an architectural lighting design class at the CMU School of Drama. The class sparked my growing interest in theater and lighting design. Since taking it, I have designed lighting for a number of my architecture studio projects, as well as for 6 theatrical performances.

List of performances:

Compos-it Opera Festival, Nov. 2017 - Assistant Lighting Designer (in collaboration with Andrew Hunt)
Suburban Mompera
Bowl of Small Hands

School of Drama Junior Performance Project, Oct. 2018 - Lighting Designer (in collaboration with Joy Zhang)
The Gladiator

Compos-it Opera Festival, Nov. 2018 - Lighting Designer
Deed of Trust


Compos-it Opera Festival, Nov. 2017 - Suburban Mompera


Compos-it Opera Festival, Nov. 2017 - Regenesis